Sylvia is very professional and passionate about what she does.  She is very to the point and doesn't waste your time trying to sell you services you do not need. She doesn't like to procrastinate and she customize my dress with in two weeks even though my wedding was not for another 6 months and my dress was perfect.  I highly recommend Sylvia to any brides out there who need customization of their gowns.

Chris L.
Pacifica, CA

Sylvia was of great help to me when I was in need of having some special clothing altered.  I had several garments by Armani and Gucci which were no longer serviceable, because of a change in weight, and she was able to alter them retaining the original lines of the designers.  The clothing fit like a glove afterwards. I was impressed with how she handled delicate fabric, not to mention reasonable pricing and an ideal turn-around time.  I would use her services again in a heartbeat!
Philip Lederer
Lederer Gallery, SF

Dear Sylvia, I can't thank you enough for your patience and expertise in altering my wedding gown. I know it was not an easy job, because of all the layers of chiffon and my crocked back! and you turned it into my custom-made, perfect fit, drop-dead gorgeous dress!  Your suggestion of making a hand-beaded trimmed shawl was the perfect touch.  Your talent and excellent taste was greatly appreciated!
Sue Barton - Weida
San Anselmo, CA

Sylvia, when I began looking for alteration services I also wanted someone to help me coordinate and organize my wardrobe and you fit that need perfectly. In fact, you really simplified my life and that was an extra, greatly appreciated bonus.  I truly appreciate your professionalism and excellent service, especially since it is combined with a warm and friendly personality.  If, someone once a reference don't hesitate to have them call me. Best regards.  
R.L. Smith
Kentfield, CA

I was really nervous to trust my wedding dress with just anyone, but Sylvia is simply amazing.  Sylvia was honest and passionate.  It was not the easiest dress to work with...it was size 12 and I am size 4, also had a lot of tears on the skirt and she spend a lot of time to come up with a plan.  I left confident and when I went for my last fitting, the dress was everything I imagined...it fit like a glove!  Sylvia worked miracles.
Annamarrie G.
Novato, CA

Sylvia is great.  She's very professional and super friendly and funny, a real pleasure to talk with; you'll be very relaxed and at ease.  Her knowledge of fashion design is evident, and you can tell by looking at the dresses she's created that she's extremely talented.  I took a bridal gown for my vow renewal to her for alteration and she saw immediately how to address the issues with the dress.  The quality of her work resulted in a dress that was more beautiful than the original design.  I would recommend Sylvia most highly to any bride needing alteration on an existing bridal gown, or looking to purchase a dress from this very talented couture designer.  Sylvia let me know that she alters non-bridal wear as well.

Monica P.
San Rafael, CA 

Sylvia is a saver!  After a significant weight lost, Sylvia did an excellent job altering and re-constructing my casual clothes and my exclusive designer pieces, and gave my entire wardrobe a new fresh look, needless to say, saved me of buying a new wardrobe. She does an amazing work!  Sylvia is highly experienced and very professional. Her workmanship and talent are extraordinary. I highly recommend Sylvia. 
Janette M.
Mill Valley, CA

Sylvia Bentcheva is an experienced personal stylist, wardrobe stylist and organizer.  We have worked with her number of times and we are always highly satisfied with her services. She also does excellent alterations, definitely a "one stop shop".  Working with Sylvia is a delight.
Mr. and Ms. Coudell
Tiburon, CA

Sylvia Bentcheva does an excellent job of fixing and altering fine men’s clothing, including trousers, shirts, and jackets.  I have used her services numerous times and I am always happy with the results.
Felix Robles
Larkspur, CA